Cataloguing practices at university libraries: Analysis of current conditions and practices in Turkey

Yazar/lar: Tolga Çakmak Kaynak: The Electronic Library Cilt/Sayı/Sayfa: 37(1), 155-172 DOI: 10.1108/EL-06-2018-0122 Abstract Purpose This study aims to analyse current practices and cooperation between the Turkish university libraries related to cataloguing processes and present cataloguing librarians’ evaluations about clarity and comprehensiveness of the given information in library catalogues. Design/methodology/approach In line with the literature review, a…

RDA Transition in Turkey: Perspectives and experiences of the libraries

Information organization as a core component of library and information science consists of many technical processes related to information resources and objects. These processes are mainly shaped by technological developments and user expectations. Conceptual models and standards are also detrimental factors for these processes. In this regard, many awareness raising activities and scientific events related to RDA transition have been carried out in Turkey since 2012